The plant was seriously damaged during the great Patriotic war. Only by 1953 Kropotkin brewers restored production and resumed production.


At this time, the plant was considered one of the best Breweries not only in Kuban, but also far beyond its borders. Kropotkin hops drink was known and loved, coming for a fresh mug of beer from neighboring cities and regions. During the "perestroika" in the 90-ies the company has experienced a change to a succession of owners, unscheduled stops, and bankruptcy. That all changed in 2005…


In 2005, Mikhail Khomenkov became the owner of the plant, for which the main principle is the production of high quality natural beer. With this time begins a new phase life a plant. Together with partners-the Danish company with a world name "Holvrieka" the Project on construction of new plant on technology of classical school of brewers with use of the most modern European equipment was developed and successfully realized


On April 12, the construction of a new plant together with the Danish company Holvrieka begins. It was established 13 of the cylinder-conical tanks with a powerful cooling system, 6 bright beer. We constructed a new yeast pocket, pocket filter, cutting-edge station for washing and cooking workshop. Launched a new malt mill.


In March began laying the Foundation for ten new cilindro-conical tanks of company "Holvrieka". Installation of new bottling lines.To increase the capacity of steam boiler: has the latest Korean steam boilers of the company "Buster".


During the year, extensive work was carried out on the installation and commissioning of new tskt.


Laying the Foundation for the installation of a new batch of tskt (cylindrical-conical tanks), in the amount of 14 pieces - 2000 HL each (manufacturer holvrieka, Denmark).
Installation and commissioning of the filling line in kegs (capacity 200 kg/h - 50 l.; 240 kegs / h - 30L. Manufacturer: Germany m + f keg-Technik).
Installation and commissioning commissioning of blow molding machine for blowing a disposable keg with a capacity of 30 liters (firm SIAPI, Italy). The raw materials used for this machine are preform (Czech Republic PETAINER).


From the ground up built the most modern laboratory in the South of Russia, carrying out a full cycle of control of raw materials and products of the plant: input, intermediate and"output".


In 2015, built 5 brand stores Krop-Pivo, including opened the first brand store in Krasnodar.
By the end of the year, the total number was 20.


Construction of a new brewhouse (manufacturer company ZIEMANN, Germany).
In April, a large-scale modernization of the blowing line was carried out: the domestic 1.5 l PET bottle blowing unit was replaced with a more modern unit (SIAPI firm, Italy).


Construction of a new filtration plant (manufacturer M&l Consulting, Switzerland).

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