There is a wonderful phrase Marston: "Excellence is not a skill. This relation."

I think true professionalism is the love of what you do. I became the owner of" Kropotkin brewery " in 2005. The company then was in decline after the "perestroika" 90s – a series of changes of owners, bankruptcy. But I saw and understood the uniqueness of our product.

"Kropotkin brewery" is a manufacturer of real live beer, without the use of additives, preservatives and flavor enhancers. In today's world, it is difficult to imagine, but we do adhere to the same traditions of creating beer as 110 years ago. There's something about family. That inspires me.

Khomenkov Mikhail

Together with partners-the Danish company "Holvrieka" we modernized plant in the best traditions of classical school of brewers, using the latest European equipment. Strict quality control is carried out at all stages of production – from the extraction of water (we have our own artesian well depth of 520m), the purchase of natural raw materials in Europe and ending with bottling. We managed to gather a team of true professionals sharing the philosophy of our company, respecting traditions and loving their work.

We actively develop, increasing production capacities, opening new shops in those regions of Russia wh ere our production isn't presented yet in order that as much as possible people learned and estimated the highest quality of our beer. Prizes at the international forums of brewers confirm that we are able to create a unique high-quality product, preserving the good traditions of brewing.

Sincerely, Khomenkov Mikhail

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